Gary Edward Gedall
Spiritual and Psychic Paths 1975 Beginning of interest in the world of magic and none ordinary realities 1979 First experience of giving a healing through touch, (cured a friend’s headache) 1980 First experience of telepathy 1981 First experiences of reading people, symbolic representations of their states 1982 ‘Psychic Explosion’, started reading people directly. Created my own psychic ‘card’ reading technique using any card type objects. 1983 – 84 Spiritual Development Workshop – Journey through the chakras 1986 Experience week – Findhorn Foundation 1987 Created the Astro- Tarot Pack and became a professional card reader 1989 Created the 1 st Liverpool, New Age Festival 1991- 94 Long term guest program then associate member of the Findhorn Community 1994- 2011 Regular visits to the Osho Ashram in Pune, - India 2003 - 4 La voie de sentir, chamanic group, created by Luis Ansa 2006 – 12 Various shamanic workshops, trainings and groups with Ulla Straessle, FSS 2009 -12 3 year advanced training – Foundation for Shamanic Studies, 2012 Diploma